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ff_worldwide's Journal

Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated

1) Members are allowed to submit 2 icons per week. Seldom times will you be able to submit more/less depending on the theme.
2) Any icons that are to be submitted must have something to do with Final Fantasy. (ANY Final Fantasy)
3) Of course all icons must be LJ Compatible
4) Be a real contender, using someone else's icon will be met with disqualification.
5) Your submissions must be anonymous. This basically means that the icon should be relatively new and not have been posted anywhere else. If your icon is seen somewhere else during the contest then the icon will be disqualified. As soon as the contest is over then you may do what you wish with it.
6) Due to the Final Fantasy diversity of this community, I would prefer you provide the icon, link to the icon, and origin of the icon. (I.E. what Final Fantasy it is from..)

Submission Example:

Yuna - FF:X

1) You may vote for yourself only once if you feel like yours is one of the best. If I see you have voted for yourself more than once than you will immediately be disqualified.
2) Please don't advertise your icon.
3) You're able to vote once per week (once per contest) and only once. Don't switch usernames to vote for yourself or a specific person.
4) Don't get your friends in on voting for you or someone else either because it's unfair.. Just be a fair voter and win or lose on fair terms.


If you would like to volunteer as a Banner Maker then please comment here.